What is Unlocking?

The unlocking service we offer allows you to use any network providers SIM card in your phone. Typically this involves unlock codes which are a series of numbers which can be entered into your mobile phone via the phones key pad to remove

How do you unlock My phone?

You provide us with easy to find details of your phone e.g. the type, the IMEI number, country and the network that supplied the phone. This information is then used to provide an unlock code to unlock your phone. You simply follow the

Do I require tech. knowledge?

TNone at all, we provide complete and easy instructions for unlocking your phone. Often it can be as simple as entering an unlock code using the phone's keypad. If there is a problem unlocking your phone using the codes we provide then



Welcome to Unlocking Sri Lanka

Established in december 2011, unlockingsrilanka.com has grown to be one of the leading mobile phone remote unlocking/servicing technology in the telecommunications industry. More people choose unlockingsrilanka.com to get their mobile phone unlocked/serviced online than any other company worldwide.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide the best quality of service with regards to mobile phone remote unlocking to both the public and trade sector at very reasonable prices. We believe that the customer should always come first and we are committed to provide our customers the best customer support services ever.


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